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Rosalind Glitter Holographic Dipping Powder

Rosalind Glitter Holographic Dipping Powder Item NO: RPD161-172

US$ 3.99
US$ 4.99 Save US$ 1.00 (20% Off)
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  • How to use :
  • 1.Apply a thin coat of Dip Base.
  • 2.Dip tip of the entire nail into the dish,brush off excess powder.
  • 3.Apply dip activator,wait for air dry.
  • 4.Use brush restorer to clean the activator brush.
  • 5.Apply top coat,wait for air dry.
  • 6. Finish.
  • FAQ
  • 1. May I select a cheaper shipping provider instead?
  • We do not recommend that. In our experience, only our designated shipping providers, shown above, have proven to be quick and reliable.
  • 2. Do you ship to XXX countty?
  • Yes, we almost ship to all around the world.
  • 3. How many days i can get the package?
  • It depens on the country/place you are in, the total value you ordered, our brand is from China, usually fast shipping about 10-15 days, not that fast shipping method 20-30 days.
  • 4. Do you do any animal testing?
  • No, we don't. We hereby declare that our research, development, and production of nail gel polish involves absolutely no animal testing or harmful nanophase materials.
  • 5. Can you offer discounts?
  • Yes, we can! Depends on the quantity.
Product Name Rosalind Glitter Holographic Dipping Powder
Item NO RPD161-172
Weight 0.13 kg = 0.2866 lb = 4.5856 oz
Category Nail Gel > Dipping Powder
Tag RPD161
Brand Rosalind
Creation time 2019-05-14


It’s so pretty

It’s so pretty



The coating turns out to be beautiful, fast and immediately strengthening. I'm happy with the order. I will order other shades. The colors are better to choose from the seller's photo, everything is the same.



Good quality products, well packed nothing broken. Takes 20 day to arrived Thailand, highly recommend this seller ❤️