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Rosalind 10ml Summer Color Nail Gel

Rosalind 10ml Summer Color Nail Gel Item NO: RB1323~RB1864

US$ 3.99
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10ml-Gel 1S

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  • Step 1:Clean Nails then trim nail surface as normal manicure process.
  • Step 2:Apply thin layer of Base Coat and cure under nail lamp (UV 36 Watts/LED 9 Watts or higher,UV lamp for 2-3 minutes or LED lamp for 60 seconds).
  • Step 3:Apply thin layer of 1st color coat and cure under nail lamp again.
  • Step 4:Apply thin layer of 2nd color coat and cure under nail lamp again.
  • Step 5:Apply No Wipe Top Coat and cure under nail lamp again.
  • Step 6:Remove the tacky residue on nails with the cleanser. Then, apply nourish cuticle oil to rehydrate moisture into the cuticle and the skin surrounding the nail.
Product Name Rosalind 10ml Summer Color Nail Gel
Item NO RB1323~RB1864
Weight 0.05 kg = 0.1102 lb = 1.7637 oz
Category Nail Gel > Pure Colours > Black Bottle
Tag RB1323
Brand Rosalind
Creation time 2018-06-08


Q1.Could I buy the items from other distributors instead?
You sure can do that, dear, however, in our experience, only our designated shipping providers, shown above, have proven to be quick and reliable.

Q2.Can I visit your factory?
Welcome! We invite you to come and see our facilities, quality, and workforce. They will speak for themselves. We are in Tianhe District in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China.

Q3.How long can I get my package?
It depends on the country/city/area you are in, package shipped from China, usually delivery time is about 20-25 days.

Q4.Do you do any animal testing? 
No, we don't. We hereby declare that our research, development, and production of nail gel polish involves absolutely no animal testing or harmful nanophase materials.

Q5.Can you offer discounts?
Yes, we can! 
It depends on the quantity you order. If you wanna order a big quantity, plz contact us. We have more discounts for orders over 1000 pcs (mix color is ok).

Q6.Are you a factory or trading company?
Both we are, we sell our own products and our original factory can also offer OEM/ODM service. We are looking for a professional distributor/agent/representative all over the world.

Q7.Could you please tell me your payment terms?
Trade Paypal,Paypal EC, Credict Card etc.

Q8.What is the material of your products?
UV Curable Polyurethane Resin etc. We also can customize as your formula. And we have certificates to confirm the quantity, below you can have a see.

If you have any problem, please contact us at the bottom of the page
Facebook: Rosalind
YouTube:Rosalind Official


elena bohkareva

заказала 15,01,18 получила 10,02,18 лаки как всегда хорошие, ложатся в один два слоя, рекомендую продавца и товар


Justyna Dorota

Заказала 07.04, получила на почте в Сам. обл 18.05, заказ не отслеживался, на момент заказа цена была 80,25 руб. Бутылочка заполнена по ГОРЛЫШКО (за что отдельное спасибо продавцу, такое у меня впервые), гель-лак с шимером, но более розовый чем на фото продавца.


Denis Mikharev

Хороший продавец. Хороший продукт. Неотслеживаемый трек-номер. Рекомендую


Andrey Khmelevsky

черный насыщенный,в один слоя даже хорошо,товаром довольна,доставка долгая,рекомендую


Ale Xandra

Заказываю у этого продавца очень часто и почему-то этот лак, который заказала месяц назад пришёл, а те, которые два месяца назад - нет


Julia Tcareva

цвет супер, консистенция однородная, но долго шло


Lidia Simakova



Simona Stiblarova

очень густой, приятно работать


Valentina Basilico